Color Coded Tokens

Written by Eric Paul

GetTogether is the fastest way to create calendar events on iOS. You decide what the event is about, who takes part in the event and when it takes place, all the rest are details you can decide later, for example by using your regular Apple Calendar app.

With the entire app merely existing out of these three steps, we took our time to make them as smooth and pleasant as possible. For example, you might notice that the ‘tokens’ that appear when you select friends from your address book, contain a color coding. We don’t want the app to clutter with the names of your friends, so when you're done editing them, the app summarizes any number of friends into just one token. That token gets a checkered ribbon with the colors corresponding to your friend’s position in your list of contacts.

What we noticed after using the app for a while, is that it's not just a graphical addition to the app. When you have an iPhone for a couple of years, the number of contacts can easily become very high. Ranges of 500 to 1000 contacts are not exceptional. The color coding helps to get a sense of direction when scrolling through the long list of contacts.

We hope to use this feature for many apps to come, but first, let's put GetTogether in the App Store.