Will it fit

Will it fit

Do you want to review your designs for print or devices at their true physical size? Will it fit is for you! With our massive database of physical screen dimensions, we know exactly how many pixels on your screen correspond with an inch or a centimeter in the physical world.

This article explains how it works

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Save a tree!

Whether you design business cards, letterheads, iPhone apps or mobile websites, it is a breeze to get the right physical dimensions on your Mac's screen. It's way faster than proof-printing and better for the environment too.


Free templates

Use one of the built-in templates or customize them at will. And because we're nice guys, we'll let you have as many as you want at no extra charge!


Requirements for Will it fit

  • The desire to print less
  • OS X Lion (10.7) or later
  • Possibly a tape measure or ruler…
$4.99 / €3,99
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