With the Uberlayer app you can put floating images on top of your computer screen. Maybe you want to proof a design to the pixel, watermark a presentation or always have that special picture of your mother on top?

  1. Uberlayer_screen_1280_0
  2. Uberlayer_screen_1280_1
  3. Uberlayer_screen_1280_2
  4. Uberlayer_screen_1280_3


Position the image with pixel precision using the keyboard shortcuts, change the transparency so you can see through or lock the image so it will stay put, exactly where you want it. Locking will also let you click 'through' the app, so you can work with whatever app you have running below.

Shortkey-move- Move the image
Shortkey-lockimage Lock the image
Shortkey-pastimage Paste the image
Shortkey-lesstransparant Less transparent
Shortkey-moretransparant More transparent

Requirements for Uberlayer

  • A love for pixels
  • A somewhat recent Mac (64-bit)
  • OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later