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Get Together

So you're walking down the street when an old friend bumps into you. You get talking and before long she proposes:
"Hey, let's get together some day soon for drinks!"

That's when you whip out your iPhone and tap the Get Together icon.

Swipe through your weekly schedule and plan a social event all within seconds of opening the app. Get Together let's you focus on the most important aspects of an event: what, when and with whom. And because it uses your iPhone's built-in calendars, it's a perfect companion to Apple's Calendar app.

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The five hour grid

The center piece of the app is a week view of all your iPhone's calendars. Early mornings and late nights are hidden, while the rest of your schedule is shown in a five hour grid. Although this might sounds awkward at first, it speeds up planning by a great deal, which leaves time for you to enjoy your day.

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Color code everything

We not only use your many calendars' colors to draw your weekly schedule, but we color code the hell out of your iPhone's contacts. As it turns out, this color coding grants a sense of direction when scrolling lists of many hundreds of contacts. As an added bonus, it looks totally awesome!

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Advanced features

If you like to have total control over your calendars, you'll enjoy the many features of Get Together:

  • Default alerts
  • Prevent nightly alerts
  • Edit event details
  • Share events via email
  • Fast calendar switching
  • Week number display
  • Context aware help system

It's all about speed

Get Together was never meant to be a substitution of your regular calendar app, although it uses your iPhone's calendar data. For example, many planning details are either left out, like location details, or set to default values, like event reminders. Probably not suited if you want to schedule a 45 minute meeting, but awesome if you want to plan a night out with friends!

Requirements for Get Together

  • An iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • iOS 5 or higher
  • A social life